The Gasman - 001


Released: 12 November 2007

Gasman Music


  1. Spark
  2. Flash2
  3. Service
  4. Budgie
  5. Click
  6. Glib
  7. Music Centre
  8. Jexin
  9. Bonnet
  10. Clack
  11. Prickle
  12. Rubber Ring / Lull
  13. Custom Drummer
  14. Temetix
Squelchy oddness meets the more obtuse atmospherics of Tomita or even the ambient classical cathedral stretching side of Cardiacs. The Organ

This album was the first released on Gasman Music, The Gasman's own record label. Four of the tracks on this album were featured as part of the sets used in The Gasman's support slot on the Cardiacs tour in November 2007.

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