The Gasman - Hiding Place

Hiding Place

Released: 26 March 2012

Believers Roast

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  1. G.O.L
  2. Meme
  3. Drumble
  4. Terminus
  5. Last 4
  6. Lift
  7. Vimm
  8. Wimps
  9. Hiding Place
  10. Blunder
  11. Dole 7
  12. Dinner Dance
It is a brilliant and unique album, consisting largely of hazy, dreamlike yet ever-restless compositions for piano, with other chamber instruments floating above and below. Harmonically rich throughout, there are moments of searing beauty as melodies arise from the wash and combine to devastating effect. James Larcombe (Stars in Battledress, North Sea Radio Orchestra, William D. Drake)

This album is on Believers Roast, the excellent label run by Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld, The Monsoon Bassoon, Cardiacs), and has more of a classical feel along the lines of Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

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