How and when did it all start?

The urge to make music started when I was a kid. I would record songs off the radio and loop the bits I liked to make them go on for longer. I used the pause button on my ghetto blaster to edit loops.

How do you go about writing your 'music'? Does the program you use just do it for you?

I pretty much control everything now but I used to leave a lot to chance. I would load in random samples and pitch chopped up segments up and down to stumble upon melodies rather than make them up in my head. In fact I don't think I've ever created a tune in my head and then accurately recreated it. Most days I've constantly got tunes rolling around in my head but I'm too lazy to try and recreate them.

I tend to start with an empty head and a track usually takes shape quite quickly. Once a few infectious melodies / chords have shown up I start to place them in order, usually saving the one I like most for the ending / finale. I might start to deliberate a bit more at that stage but not too much. The tracks I like the most only took about 3 - 4 hours in total and without any interruptions. For me the best results come when I can properly 'enter the zone'.

Do you actually play any instruments? If not, have you ever thought about learning to play?

No I don't. My brain to hand coordination is terrible, so it would take too long for me to learn. I'm able to make any kind of music I like without knowing how to play instruments.

What inspires you to make music?

It could be anything from a picture or an album concept to a new VST. I'm really particular about composition in general and I get massive satisfation out of making ones that please me whether it be music, drawing or whatever. It's generally the urge to give form to my inner world. It's not something I could ever put into words, so this seems the best way.

Who are your influences?

Tim Smith from Cardiacs is one of my main musical influences. I think he manages to express himself in a really uncompromising way. The music he makes is really soulful, colourful, grand and without any pretence. It's like the most exciting parts of 'Prog rock' condensed, polished and all the chit chat taken out. After hearing his music I can only follow it up with more of his music. Also early Aphex twin because of his apparent lack of self restrictions.

What sort of music do you listen to?

I have a lot of time for anyone who 'means it'. Great tunes and songs have been made up by people that don't and that's fine. But I much prefer someone who would still be writing, even if noone else was interested, because it's so important to them.

I've always listened to more instrumental music than I have songs. I like the mystery and the lack of transparency. A lot of my favourite bits of music sound so otherworldly you can't imagine a human being responsible for it.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it? Would you maybe say it is like Moby but shitter?

Instrumental music that is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Sometimes loud and sometimes quiet. Most of it will annoy you. I try to avoid comparing my music to genres or artists, but sometimes you just have to. When forced I usually say somewhere between Cardiacs and Aphex twin.

Do you ever collaborate with anyone?

No. I have remixed other peoples music but I'm not sure I could write with anyone else as I'm too controlling.

Who do you think actually listens to this shit?

Maybe, like me, people who have devoted too much time listening to music that's veered way off the main road of what we call 'normal' music.

Aren't you ever embarassed about the so called music you put out?

Sometimes I will listen to older stuff and think 'I wouldn't do that again' or 'what was I thinking?'. It's funny what you normalise at the time. There have been quite a few bad ideas I've run with for far too long and I'm trying to avoid that from now on, but I bet I'll always look back at some stuff I've done with regret.

What's the reason for using different names for different releases?

It stems from the fact that, to me, my music has different 'vibes' and for that reason I don't want to lump it all in together under the one name. The stuff I make under the name Wiggy is a lot more unrestricted than the Gasman stuff. It's almost been made with the idea of a band in mind. The stuff I make as Synthia is beatless blurry abstract music.

After all this time not appealling to anyone, is the original drive still there to make music or are you just doing it for attention?

I think the drive is still as strong, it's just changed a bit. I'm probably a bit addicted to the feeling I get from loving something I've created. There's not very much outside of the music I can feel proud of so this is why it has become a bit of an obsession.

I won't pretend it doesn't feel nice to get attention and praise, because it does. We're social creatures and to share anything you make with people who seem to 'get it' feels good, especially if what you're making is very refined and against the 'norm'. I think I'll always want to try to reveal and share my inner world whether it be music, video, painting or whatever. I am careful to make sure that I don't think too much about what I think other people might like to hear me do.

What are the silly track titles all about?

I start with a working title, usually the first word that comes into my head, and half of the time I won't change it. If I do it's because the track makes me think of another word.

What would you say to someone who thinks that what you do isn't 'real' music?

I'd ask them to define what they think real music is.

Did you ever see this leading to a career in music?

No, but that was never that intention anyway. I get a bit of extra pocket money from it so that's nice.

Any advice in general?

Try your very best to get to the bottom of everything.

Why can't you be normal?

"There's no such thing as normal." - Morrissey