The Gasman -
Pinch Roller

Released: 21 November 2011

Gasman Music


  1. Wud
  2. Casxtl
  3. Grunce
  4. Cssrll
  5. Its Music to your C64
  6. Cods1
  7. Prnn
  8. Klod2
  9. Conga
  10. Smidgin (Edit)
  11. Cheep2
  12. Color
  13. Klunk
The Gasman - Pinch Roller

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This is the first in a series of compilations of music that I've made over the last 10 years that I still really like. The tracks on this one span the period 2002 - 2006 and are of a low-fi rave vibe.

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